Rainbow Kids Yoga Training

July 15-17, 2016

3 Day Families & Kids Yoga Teacher Training

The 3-day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive, intensive and practical certification course. Be prepared to practice and learn to teach yoga while laughing, dancing, playing and singing!

The Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is well rounded and intensive, with practical theory, discussions and TONS OF FUN! Most importantly, you will come out with immediate tangible knowledge and tons of fabulous ideas to create original, captivating and fun yoga experiences for kids of all ages, anywhere in the world.

The course is for anyone who loves working with kids, and loves yoga. It is for yoga teachers wanting to specialize, and educators wanting to bring the benefits of yoga to their classrooms. It’s also great for parents to find new ways to connect with their children and family, and share a healthy, fun, and non-competitive movement-based activity. It is also for anyone who wants to expand a current related profession, or learn a new one! You do not need to be a yoga teacher to take the course.

Our graduates teach everywhere using our diploma: schools, kindergartens, day care centers, community centers, Yoga studios, gyms, Yoga birthday parties and privately.

**Rainbow Kids Yoga is a 500 Hour Registered Yoga School with Yoga Australia, a 200 Hour and 300 Hour Registered Yoga School with the US Yoga Alliance and with the Yoga Alliance UK, as well as a Registered Yoga School for Children Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga with the Yoga Alliance UK, and Registered Children Yoga Teacher Certification Training (95hr RCYT) with the US Yoga Alliance**

The Rainbow Kids Yoga certificate is recognized by the UK Yoga Alliance and is eligible for continuous education credits by the US Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia. One hour counts for one point; therefore, you will be granted 27 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.

Our trainings are packed full with practical tools for you to create infinite number of fun and engaging yoga classes that are sure to capture the children and the parent’s hearts.

We squeeze A LOT into this intense training – you are guaranteed to come out with an abundance of knowledge and creative ideas!

Friday January 5, 2018
Saturday January 6, 2018
Sunday January 7, 2018
Family Class: Saturday 4:30PM
All sessions held at Tru Yoga- Las Vegas.

Early bird price: $550(ends December 9, 2017)
Full price tuition: $650

Call for details.


In the training you will learn:

  • How to make Yoga FUN for all age groups!
  • Over 350 Yoga poses for kids
  • About a million creative Yoga games
  • Breathing and Meditation exercises and games suitable for kids
  • Guided Imagery and other Relaxation techniques
  • Partner Acrobatics, Human Pyramids, Flying Yoga and other ways to make Yoga super COOL!
  • Partner and Community interactive Yoga for Kids & Teens
  • Thai Massage and other ways to connect, give and receive
  • Gain some teaching experience

Lecture topics include:

  • Age-appropriate class structure from Toddlers (age 1.5) to Teens (18)
  • Class management tips and ideas for bringing everyone together
  • Yoga for Children with Special Needs
  • Creating a Family Yoga class (for parents
    and kids to do together)
  • Enlightened Business – how to promote your yoga business in a yogic and efficient way
  • Discovering your teaching voice

Early bird price: $550(ends December 9, 2017)
Full price tuition: $650

Call for details.

LESLEY CARNEY, Senior Trainer, United States

It’s said that happiness is only real when shared. Lesley loves to share smiles, laughter, and her heart with people and she often does this through Yoga. She was born in a teeny tiny town in the States. She credits her zest for life and adventure to her huge extended family.

Lesley has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years now! It was children who inspired her to become a yoga teacher. She worked in daycare for years and after she started practicing yoga, she couldn’t help but share it with the little ones where she worked.

Lesley has completed more than a few adult and children teacher trainings such as 200hr and 500hr Trainings with Jonny Kest at LifePower Yoga, 200hr Training with At One Yoga Studio, Ashtanga Yoga Training with Tim Miller at the Ashtanga Yoga Center, Kids Training with ChildLight Yoga and Yoga to Homeless Children and At Risk Youth Training with Street Yoga… but she still considers life to be the best classroom.

Lesley has extensive experience in working with children with disabilities and currently teaches kids yoga in schools and after school programs with Yippee Yoga.

Lesley couldn’t bear to keep all of the fun to herself. She just had to start teaching others to teach kids yoga and that’s where she became part of the Rainbow Kids Yoga Family!

Lesley also teaches the taller version of children, commonly referred to as adults. She teaches playful classes and leads inspiring adult yoga teacher trainings at LifePower Yoga in Phoenix, Arizona. Lesley is a YD Warrior for Yoga Digest Magazine and has made sharing happiness, love, and yoga her mission.

She loves to travel by planes, trains, automobiles, and even bicycles to connect with you. Of course, you can always connect with her on facebook and @flowyogagirl on instagram.